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I'm Sara and I'm Hell on Wheels.

Hell on Wheels Hand Crafted Jewelry is an independent Austin, TX based jewelry brand.

All of my creations are hand made using brass, copper, silver, leather, and antique/vintage reclaimed goods.

I have always had a love for vintage choppers, hot rods, muscle cars, and metal music. I find a lot of inspiration from elements in all of these things.

I have always believed in buying quality, not quantity. Buying hand made. Buying American made. Buying local. I believe in spending the extra money to get something original vs. buying something that was pressed out in a factory. I believe in finding that one special piece that fits "you".

Hell on Wheels was created with the idea to provide people with "statement pieces" instead of just another accessory. Being bold with style is a good thing. Setting ourselves apart from others is a good thing. We should all be a little "Hell on Wheels".

Thanks for your support!

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